Online Financial Resources

There are many site online which offer a wealth of free information to an investor who is simply willing to look. We discuss some of our favourites below:

In the world of stock exchange investments, there are many excellent sites. Also written by Stuart is where a wide range of stock market investments, strategies and methods are discussed. Special focus is given to the new investor with simple starter instructions.

For the traders amongst us Swing-Trade-Stocks by my friend Craig is another excellent resource. It is simply impossible to imagine a trader visiting his site and not learning something. The site also contains a forum for users to share and help one another. Highly recommended.

If you are a trader, then serious levels of computing power are required. Often, the faster the pc the better. Click here for some independent desktop computer reviews .

For a wide range of opinions from many independent newsletter writers, with a special emphasis on 'hard' assets, FinancialSenseOnline is the home of the very knowledgable Jim Puplava and his many friends. Any investor could spend days lost in research here.


Of course, these are the small sites in the world of finance. As useful as they may be, the giants attached to a daily financial newspaper really run the financial information game. For example, the Financial Times , The Wall Street Journal and International Herald Tribune offer excellent market, news and political coverage.


Then of course there are weekly magazines that offer excellent financial insight. To my mind, the best of the bunch is The Economist , which covers economics, politics and business issues every week. Another great magazine to read on a regular basis is Business Week .

A specialist UK weekly that we are big fans of is the Investors Chronicle which covers the entire UK stock market and it's movements - and more importantly it's announcements - in excellent detail.


Needless to say, there are some very big online players that cover financial issues in great detail. To our mind, the BBC and CNN offer excellent financial, business, economic and political coverage online. We highly recommend both.

Political Websites

In terms of following the politics that is influencing markets at a macro level, European Voice offer excellent European insight, whilst Roll Call does the same job focused on the American legislative process. It ought to be added that whilst these sites - and their respective print versions - cover the topics very well, this can be something of a 'dry' subject!